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OM/One is the world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker.

Great Sound.  Beautiful Design.


Featured in:

"The OM/ONE is the Criss Angel of Bluetooth speakers..."

"This Death Star has a sick sound system."

"...the OM/ONE is definitely the kind of gadget that will get noticed the next time you have your friends over."

"Flying cars and hover boards may be a distant dream, but you could be listening to music through a levitating speaker before Christmas."

"Chances are you own a portable speaker or two, but you have nothing like the revolutionary speaker OM Audio has developed.”

"The OM/ONE speaker prototype pulls off the nifty trick of floating in the air and spinning while it plays your favorite tunes.”

"We've seen levitating pens, levitating lamps, levitating loungers and even levitating fish -- now there's a Bluetooth speaker to add to the mix."

"A team in Oakland, California, takes audiophiles into new territory by delivering a speaker that levitates - no, really, it levitates."

"This is a floating Bluetooth speaker. It's suspended above its base thanks to an electromagnet and can play music from any Bluetooth source. It's called the OM/ONE. It also looks really cool."

"The OM/ONE Levitating Speaker has everything you look for in a speaker..."


Our Inspiration

We started OM Audio in 2013 because we love making great personal audio hardware.  After creating the award winning INEARPEACE headphones we wanted to do something different with OM/ONE.  Our goal was to design a bluetooth speaker that is as iconic both in design and audio fidelity as our favorite artists and songs.  We wanted to design something truly unique and magical.  We hope that you’ll agree that OM/ONE meets these goals and more.



OM/ONE makes the impossible possible by effortlessly defying gravity.  It is elegant and meticulously engineered.  We carefully considered every detail of OM/ONE to make it as beautiful as it is functional.  OM/ONE belongs in any room on any surface.  

The OM/ONE orb is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and has build quality equal to the best products you already own.  We hope that you will enjoy OM/ONE as much as we enjoyed developing it.

OM/ONE is available in jet black, glacier white, and disco ball.


Award Winning OM Audio Sound & Performance

Our audio engineering team has a history of creating award winning personal audio hardware.  Our INEARPEACE headphones were Audioholics Headset of the year for 2013.  Read the review of INEARPEACE here.

How does OM/ONE produce such awe inspiring sound?  What makes OM/ONE different from any other bluetooth speaker?  The answer is levitation.  Instead of wasting amplication energy pushing sound waves into a desk, bookshelf, or table, all of the OM/ONEs amplication energy is directed to the speaker driver to create full, crisp, and clear sound.  This enables OM/ONE to deliver audio performance far beyond its size.  OM/ONE outputs a full 105 decibels with a 3 watt RMS amplifier.  This also gives OM/ONE industry leading battery life without sacrificing audio performance:  up to 12 hours of continuous playback at 70% volume.


Our Team

Our team is comprised of world class audio engineers (including a former U.S. Navy Anti-Submarine Warfare specialist), designers, and operations experts.  We’ve built and shipped sophisticated hardware products at scale before including our award winning OM Audio INEARPEACE headphones and Velodyne Acoustics subwoofers.  We are based in Oakland, CA.


Our Progress

We've completed our EVT (engineering validation testing) build and have tested all of the key functions of OM/ONE.  This involved manufacturing, assembling, and testing the functionality of our bluetooth module, driver, electromagnet, and all other key components.  Our team has been using OM/ONE at home and in the office for over two months and we will be gradually increasing the size of our testing pool in the coming weeks and months.


Next Steps

Our next step is to complete our DVT protocol (design verification testing) where we will test everything from the electromagnet to the internal electrical components and firmware to make sure everything works as designed.  We will also be carefully tuning our driver to ensure that OM/ONE delivers the best audio performance possible.

We will then execute our PVT (production verification testing) run which includes design refinement and quality assurance testing.  We will then be ready for mass production.

We've contracted with our manufacturing partners and partnered with Flexport and Clique Here to manage logistics and help us bring OM/ONE to market.  This isn't our team’s first rodeo.  In addition to running engineering, David led operations (including logistics and production) for Velodyne Acoustics.  And Naveen is co-founder of Clique Here, a world class logistics company based in Atlanta, GA.



September - Complete Design Verification Testing (DVT)

October - Complete Production Verification Testing (PVT)

November / December - Start shipping OM/ONE out to our backers

Black and White Editions

Holiday delivery deadline extended to September 30, 2014 for domestic orders!

  • Domestic orders placed by September 30, 2014 will have an estimated arrival date of December 2014.  
  • International orders placed by September 30, 2014 will have an estimated arrival date of January 2015.  
  • All orders placed after September 30, 2014 will have an estimated arrival date of February 2015. 

Disco Ball Edition

  • Domestic orders placed by September 30, 2014 will have an estimated arrival date of  February 2015. 
  • International orders placed by September 30, 2014 will have an estimated arrival date of March 2015. 
  • All orders placed after September 30, 2014 will have an arrival date of March or April 2015. 




Risk Factors

We’ve worked hard to prepare OM/ONE for production, manufacturing, and fulfillment.  That being said, building hardware is challenging so there are some risks.  Here are the things that keep us up at night:

Manufacturing:  While we’ve already created all of the production tooling for OM/ONE, adjustments might need to be made.  Modifying high volume production tooling takes time, so any adjustments may delay final production and shipment.  To minimize this possibility we are working with factories that have a proven track record and that have successfully executed other projects on time for us in the past.  Members of our team are on the ground at our manufacturing partners factory managing production step by step.

Product Adjustments:  As we complete our DVT and PVT runs it’s possible we may need to make minor adjustments to OM/ONE to get it ready for mass production.  Any such adjustments will always be to your benefit and we will let you know exactly how and why they were made.

Fulfillment:  We’ve worked very hard with our manufacturing partners to build redundancy into our supply chain.  We have back-up suppliers for all critical raw materials and components.  And we are partnering with the logistics experts at Flexport and Clique Here to help us manage shipping globally to your door.  Even with great planning and partners its possible for unforeseen delays to occur.  If we encounter any delays, we will let you know immediately.

For retail or distribution inquiries please contact us at retail@omone.com


September 25, 2014

Dear OM/ONE Supporters,

David DeVillez here, Founder of OM Audio. I've been working with our team in California and our partners around the world getting OM/ONE ready for delivery and things are progressing well. I'm writing you today from Shenzhen, China where we've recently finished the tooling for the final Orb. Our base stations are ready to begin production and I just saw the first packaging samples - they look great! Also, I spent all last night tuning our final driver for the OM/ONE and it is sounding truly outstanding.

There are also only 6 days left in our crowd funding campaign so be sure to share with your friends before they miss out on this opportunity to get their very own OM/ONE at the special early backers' discounted price.

Warmest Regards,

David and the OM/ONE Team


September 16, 2014

Dear Supporters,

Thanks to all of YOU, we won best crowd funded project on CNBC's Squawk Alley!  We blew away the competition with a landslide victory capturing 64.74% of the votes. Check out the full story here.   

We could not have done this without you and are so proud and honored to have the supporters that we have.  Our team will be interviewed live on CNBC sometime in the near future and we'll keep you posted on the scheduled air date.  Thank you for believing in us and for helping make OM/ONE happen.  

Warmest Regards,



September 2, 2014

Dear OM/ONE Supporters, 
We need your help to win best crowd funded project on CNBC's Squawk Alley! Simply vote and share with your friends. If we win, Dave will attempt to levitate the host on live TV.  Just kidding!  In all seriousness it would a huge honor for us to win this award.  Thank you for believing in us and helping us make OM/ONE a reality!
Warmest Regards,


August 14, 2014

Thank you very much for backing OM/ONE!  With your incredible support, we were able to reach our crowd funding goal in less than 12 hours.  We are hard at work finalizing every detail of OM/ONE so we can ship it to you as soon as possible.  We’ll be sure to send you regular updates every step of the way. 

When we started working on OM/ONE, our mission was to design a truly unique and beautiful speaker with fantastic audio fidelity.  We are so incredibly excited that you share our passion for making a speaker unlike any other on the market.

Your continued feedback is very much encouraged and appreciated so keep it coming, and please help us keep up the momentum by telling your friends and family about OM/ONE.  Thank you for your support!
Dave and the OM Audio Family


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is OM/ONE portable? Can I take it to the park?

    Yes! OM/ONE’s speaker orb is a fully portable bluetooth speaker so you can take it anywhere. The OM/ONE base requires a 12v power supply and allows the speaker orb to levitate, but is not needed to power the speaker orb. The orb has an internal Lithium-ion battery that will last up to 12 hours (varies by volume).

  • What controls are available on the OM/ONE speaker orb?

    OM/ONE’s speaker orb has an On / Off touch sensor that also Pairs / Disconnects and can Answer / Hang Up phone calls. Volume is controlled via the connected device.

  • How long does the battery last?

    OM/ONE's speaker orb has an internal Lithium-ion battery that will last up to 12 hours (varies by volume).

  • How do you charge the OM/ONE speaker orb?

    The speaker orb connects to a charging stand with an embedded LED stream that plugs into any USB port. The charging stand will illuminate once the orb is fully charged. OM/ONE’s base also features a USB port so the charging stand can be plugged directly into the base.

  • How long does it take to charge the OM/ONE speaker orb?

    The charging time for the speaker orb is approximately 3 hours.

  • Will the OM/ONE work outside the USA?

    Yes, we are providing connectivity for all regions of the world.

  • I'm a blogger or journalist, and I want to write more about what you're doing. Who can I talk to?

    press@omone.com - Write to us! We'll be a little big slammed when we launch our crowd funding campaign, but we'll do our best to get back to you promptly.

  • I'm interested in buying OM/ONE for retail distribution. Who can I talk to?

    For retail or distribution inquiries please contact us at retail@omone.com

  • Have more questions?

    Contact us at support@omone.com. Please direct press inquiries to press@omone.com.

  • Why Crowd Funding?

    We love music. We wanted to design a speaker that is as iconic both in design and audio fidelity as our favorite artists and songs. And now that we've completed our EVT build, we are ready for mass production. By backing OM/ONE via our crowd funding campaign, you, our incredible supporters will be helping us to complete final product development, acquire raw materials, and move into mass production so we can make OM/ONE a reality. Thank you for helping us make OM/ONE happen. We greatly appreciate your support.

  • What's in the box?

    OM/ONE Base. Our base also includes a USB port for charging other devices.
    OM/ONE Speaker Orb. Our world class, levitating speaker.
    OM/ONE Speaker Orb Case
    12VDC Power Supply & Cable
    24" USB (LED) Charging Cable & Stand
    Quick Start Guide

  • How do I set up my OM/ONE?

    1. Plug your OM/ONE base into an outlet.
    2. Hover the magnet, which is located on the bottom of the OM/ONE speaker orb, over the center of the base until the light illuminates and the orb is levitating.
    3. Pair your device with the orb via Bluetooth 4.0.
    4. Play music as you normally would and it will automatically stream to your OM/ONE.

    You can also skip Steps 1 and 2 and pair directly to your OM/ONE speaker orb when you’re on the go.

  • How do I setup my OM/ONE Stereo? (e.g. pairing 2 OM/ONES)

    Follow the steps above for setting up OM/ONE. During step 3, you will see there at 2 OM/ONEs to pair with. Pairing both OM/ONEs to one device will automatically sync the two speakers.

  • Which devices are compatible?

    OM/ONE is compatible with most bluetooth-enabled devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smartphones and tablets, and most Mac and PC computers.

  • Can more than one device control OM/ONE at once?

    No, only one device can control OM/ONE at a time.

  • Can I still use my phone while playing music?

    Yes! Your phone connects to OM/ONE via bluetooth so you can continue to use your phone as you normally would while connected. You can also answer and hang-up phone calls via the speaker orb or answer directly on your phone.

  • How do I stream music to my OM/ONE?

    Once your device is paired to your OM/ONE via bluetooth, you can play music as you normally would on your device and it will stream to your OM/ONE. You can stream music from your device from apps such as Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, etc.

  • Can I play play music files that are on my phone, tablet, or computer?

    Yes! Once your device is paired to your OM/ONE via bluetooth, simply play the files and they will stream to your OM/ONE.

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